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  Temat: Can you recommend trance music?

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PostForum: Propozycje   Wysłany: 2022-05-30, 16:39   Temat: Can you recommend trance music?
I like this album released by MojoHeadz Record, but I don't know what style of music it is. https://www.deezer.com/en/album/182943622
  Temat: fuegiougherbub xvmhd

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PostForum: Xfire Plus   Wysłany: 2020-10-28, 07:37   Temat: fuegiougherbub xvmhd
I love Mojoheadz. https://mojoheadzrecords.blogspot.com/2019/09/future-sound-of-mojoheadz-records.html If Mojoheadz didn't exist, Endego's DJ career may have been non-existent. The label's output – incredibly infectious, fun-time EDM music.Check it review.
  Temat: MojoHeadz records. New techno music company.

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PostForum: Propozycje   Wysłany: 2020-02-28, 10:27   Temat: MojoHeadz records. New techno music company.
Ever since Mojoheadz records catapulted its way onto dancefloors around the world, Mojoheadz has been evolving and expanding at a rate that’s been a joy to watch. https://mojoheadsrecords.blogspot.com/
  Temat: MojoHeadz Records. Fresh dance label.

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PostForum: Propozycje   Wysłany: 2020-02-23, 12:19   Temat: MojoHeadz Records. Fresh dance label.
Focusing on the deeper and melodic shades of house, Mojoheadz's imprint has been a strong purveyor of tracks that DJs simply love to play and when coming across the unmistakable abstract record covers at record stores, they simply beg our attention. https://demodrop.info/
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