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Asics to turn used clothing into Japan's Olympic uniforms

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Wysłany: 2019-12-23, 08:48   Asics to turn used clothing into Japan's Olympic uniforms

Sportswear brand Asics will recycle [url=https://www.asicsclothing.co.uk/asics-apparels-styles/asics-jackets-vests/]

asics jacket price[/url] used clothing to make the official uniforms for Japan's Olympic and Paralympic teams. The

uniforms will be worn by the home team at next year's games in Tokyo. Asics hopes to gather 30,000 items through

collection boxes in stores and at sporting events.

It comes as the fashion industry asics clothing clearance faces

increasing pressure to make more sustainable clothing. Asics said the uniforms will be made from polyester extracted

from donated items. Other recyclable materials extracted from the items collected will be turned into fuel, among

other uses, the firm said. Sustainability push, The fashion industry more broadly has been under increasing pressure

to make its practices more sustainable.

A parliamentary committee in the UK asics outlet last year raised

concerns about the waste the fashion industry generates, as well as its growing impact on climate. Some brands, such

as Burberry, have troubled environmental groups by destroying unsold clothes and accessories in an effort to prevent

them from being stolen or sold cheaply.

UN concern, The UN said the global fashion asics sale industry

contributes around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To grow enough cotton for a single pair of jeans requires

about 10,000 litres of water, which is enough to supply a person with drinking water for ten years, the UN said.
Etta D. Sanchez
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