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High-tech Tennis Shoe for Baseline Players

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Wysłany: 2019-12-23, 08:55   High-tech Tennis Shoe for Baseline Players

Developed with the input of eight-time ATP asics shoes price singles tour

titlist, and current top 10 player, Gaël Monfils, the GEL-RESOLUTION 8 boasts unique ASICS features such as DYNAWALL™

technology, which ensures superior balance of stability and flexibility; DYNAWRAP™ technology, a system of panels

that cradle the foot and use the players own momentum to maintain an excellent fit, and a unique outsole design that

maximizes contact area in zones that are crucial to braking, reducing friction when sliding.

According to testing at the Institute of asics shoes outlet Sport Science,

the GEL-RESOLUTION 8 delivers 7.2% more dynamic braking force than its predecessor, GEL-RESOLUTION 7- enabling

quicker recovery and surefooted returns from the baseline. “Shoes are very important, I need to trust them and the

first thing I look for in tennis shoes is stability – stability and comfort,” says Gaël Monfils. “It’s no secret

that I am an extreme mover on the court, and with these shoes I feel confident and balanced to return any shot. I've

been putting GEL-RESOLUTION 8 to the test and the stability and grip is unreal, no doubt ASICS has exceeded my

expectations again.”

Tatsuya Ishikawa, Lead Researcher with the asics shoes sale ISS Footwear

Function Development Team added, “Ultimately the GEL-RESOLUTION 8 tennis shoe reflects ASICS’ commitment to

understanding the mechanics of tennis. In contrast to running, which is principally about moving in straight lines,

tennis involves a lot of different movements. It’s our job to focus on those, and every new release takes that to

the next level. We’ve been selling tennis shoes since 1952, and as playing styles have evolved and become more

physical––from the pro ranks right down to youth tennis––our shoes have adapted to meet those requirements.”

“With tennis shoes, the ultimate goal is to asics shoes

give the wearer more time,” adds Isamu Ochi, General Manager of ASICS CPS Footwear Division’s Product

Management Department. “That means the time to make that crucial return, prepare for the next shot, seize the upper

hand and put your opponent on the back foot. Being able to stop and change direction quickly is vital to that, which

is where our new GEL-RESOLUTION™ 8 model comes in.”
Etta D. Sanchez
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